A positive report from 2020

Everyone wishes for a better year - I understand that completely. However difficult this situation has been, for me this year has been a turning point and a blessing, full of new possibilities. 

My Feldenkrais classes had to move…

Watch our video to Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Here's our dance video with ourselves and professional dancer Swanee (Svantje Buchholz). It's shot in Hamburg but it does look a bit "swampee", as if we really were in New Orleans where the phrase Laissez Les Bons temps rouler…

New Single Release: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

At last! It's been a long way coming but now our single is available for exclusive download from this website only! And the best thing: YOU decide what it's worth! We thank you for your support - enjoy!

New song: "I'm here now"

In a previous life as an engineer I took a business trip to Arizona in the US. Circumstances presented an unexpected opportunity to take a five day trip to Hawaii. It was magic! I've never experienced such a high energy…

Vem kan segla förutan vind - The Story Behind

My father died too young, only 71 years old. I was devastated. Suddenly I was a woman without a father, a girl without her daddy. 

I made this video in order to process my grief. My album 'My Swedish…

Hofkonzert im Licht

On the 4th of September 2020 our cellist, the beautifully talented Johanna Stein hosted a spectacular event in her country barn in Voißel, Gemany. Light artist Jörg Rost transformed the 400 year old house and its adjacent open barn into…

Songwriting Weekend

Writing new songs in our house in the woods of Germany. Played a lot, ate a lot, drank some and got generally crazy...we thank the universe there's music!

Night Of Female Voices in Bergheim

Drei "Famose Frauen" im rappelvollen Saal

Am Freitag dem 23. November spielten Angela Lentzen, die Pia Fridhill Band und Christina Lux im wunderschönen Veranstaltungsort MEDIO in Bergheim bei Köln. Wir bedanken uns beim Veranstalter und Tontechniker "Schobbe" Vois und…

Bandweekend in Panker

"Soulfood" im Sternerestaurant Ole Liese

Über Allerheiligen waren wir eingeladen, zum vierten Mal ein Konzert in der "Ole Liese" zu spielen. Mittlerweile sind die Inhaber, Oliver und Birthe Domnick, zu guten Freunden geworden, das Hotel zu unserem zweiten…

Pia Fridhill Band beim Jazzfestival Idstein

Am 8. Juni haben wir beim Idsteiner Jazzfestival gespielt - es hat uns einen Riesenspaß gemacht! Vielen Dank ans nette Publikum, den ausgesprochen guten Tontechniker Mike Cremer sowie ans Festival-Organisations-Team. Gerne wieder!