Hofkonzert im Licht

On the 4th of September 2020 our cellist, the beautifully talented Johanna Stein hosted a spectacular event in her country barn in Voißel, Gemany. Light artist Jörg Rost transformed the 400 year old house and its adjacent open barn into a magical place that took visitors of the sold out open air event far away from everyday life. 

Johanna Stein herself made an opening of grandeur with her unique solo program 'One woman, one cello and 500 years of music'. With her crystal clear soprano accompanied by the old lady that is her cello, she transported herself and everyone to places far away, like Mongolia, Scotland, Ireland and....of course, home.  

After a short break on this beautifully lush and thankfully rain free evening, we, the Pia Fridhill Band, took the stage. After nine months without live events it was like drinking water after a long hike in the desert - heavenly! I think we really rocked the place and gave it everything we had. For a short moment in time the music, the lights and the loving audience had us right where we always want to be - inside the magical Flow that is Life at its Best!