Vem kan segla förutan vind - The Story Behind

My father died too young, only 71 years old. I was devastated. Suddenly I was a woman without a father, a girl without her daddy. 

I made this video in order to process my grief. My album 'My Swedish Songbook' was released in 2011, three months after his passing. He never got to hear this music. 

For my 40th birthday he’d handcrafted the first bars of the Champagne Galop (H.C. Lumbye) for me to hang on my wall. It took him three months to cut out each note and line out of metal as well as the champagne bottle at the end. To illustrate the foamy bubbles he sprayed welding sparks onto the bottle - a typical whimsical gesture by his playful mind. 

My father, Thore Fridhill, was an innovator, a trumpet player and a passionate forester. After a storm had destroyed parts of an island forest he owned, he taught me how to master the art of using a chainsaw so that I could help him cut up the fallen wood. He called me his sword lily as we buckled down on the hundreds of trees together. 

During the work he found an old sundial half buried in the ground and green with verdigris. For my birthday he’d polished and repaired it, adding the now beautiful sundial to my presents, only 9 months before he passed. I wonder, did he know? He never gave me birthday presents up until that day. 

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Vem kan segla förutan vind?
Vem kan ro utan åror? 
Vem kan skiljas från vännen sin
utan att fälla tårar? 

Jag kan segla förutan vind
Jag kan ro utan åror
Men ej skiljas från vännen min
utan att fälla tårar. 


Vem kan segla förutan vind, English lyrics:

Who can sail without wind?
Who can row without oars? 
Who can part from their friend 
Without shedding tears? 

I can sail without wind
I can row without oars
But I can't part from my friend 
Without shedding tears


Vem kan segla, Text auf Deutsch: 

Wer kann segeln ohne Brisen? 
Wer kann rudern ohne Blatt? 
Wer kann, ohne Trän' vergießen, 
Freund verlassen, den er hatt'? 

Ich kann segeln ohne Brisen, 
Ich kann rudern ohne Blatt, 
Doch nicht, ohne Trän' vergießen, 
Freund verlassen, den ich hatt'! 


Recorded in Hansahaus Studios 2011. 

Arrangements by Stefan Michalke (and everyone in the band). 

Pia Fridhill, vocals 
Stefan Michalke, piano 
Steffen Thormählen, drums 
David Andres, bass
Johannes Zink, guitar and lute 
Johannes Flamm, saxophones and clarinets