1. Freedom Feet

From the recording Every Morning Is A New Song

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Freedom Feet

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A song about running, feeling free, light and powerful while flying over roots and stones with gravity denying feet that carry you away from noise of the world.


FREEDOM FEET (P. Fridhill/J. Hoffmann)

I'm putting one foot ahead of another
I float along inches above the ground
I zig zag between the trees
as they’re whispering in the breeze

I fly over the dirt road
I feel the air rushing down my lungs
Blood pumps
Legs like drums
and I’m breathing, not a sound
Ah, I got freedom feet, you see!

These feet are made for flying
I’ve got wings the size of freedom
They’re gravity denying,
carrying me away from the noise of the world
It feels so purifying,
freedom feet to keep me moving on and on 'til the blues is gone away

Adrenaline fills my body
So many roads I’ll never be able to run
Warm sun, cool cool air
and the beat has just begun
I fly over the roots and stones
I hear the Earth calling out my name:
Step here!
into the realm of anywhere
Ah, I got freedom feet, you see!

These feet are made for flying...