1. Only Me

From the recording Every Morning Is A New Song

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Only Me

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Inspired by the novel 'All the bright places' by Jennifer Nieven, this song expresses the closeness and transparency of love relationships.


Music: J. Hoffmann
Lyrics: P. Fridhill, inspired by, and quoting, Jennifer Nieven

In here
the air is close
and you are close too
I am wrapped up in the day
I love the way your eyes spark
when you’re talking,
when you’re telling me something.
The way you mouth the words to yourself
when you’re reading
and concentrating

The way you look at me
The way you look at me
as if there’re only me,
only me - mmm
Only me
only me - mmm
As if there’re only me,
only me -mmm

This face,
a cover front,
the perfect hide-out
It takes someone to understand.
Someone to reveal and see through
all the flesh and the bone and the bullshit
The things I don’t even know myself
All my secrets
and self deceptions

The way you look at me...

May your eye go to the sun
To the wind your soul
You are all the colors in one
at full brightness