1. Soul Cooking

From the recording Every Morning Is A New Song

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Soul Cooking

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Cooking up a funky song with all the best ingredients: triplets and backbeats, gimme the beat, turn up the heat! It's a bubble of bliss, it is.


Music: Fridhill/Hoffmann
Lyrics: P. Fridhill

The spirit of the music and the cooking of food
they work wonders, satify hungers.
Take a funky song and put it into a bowl
and then mix it, fix it,
uh, it taste good!
I want the oven cooking, 180 hot!
I want temperature, somebody turn it up!
I’ll set the pace, you slap the bass
Hit the drums, ka-boom!
Funk it up in the dining room

Queen of the kitchen I’m the queen of soul.
I’m gonna spice it, slice it, dice it
Slip into the chorus and invite you to the

Soul cooking
Ready for the music
Ready for the music
(Everybody’s stompin’ | You slap the bass, now)
Soul cooking
Ready for the music
Ready for the music
(Backbones and backbeats | Gimme the beat, now)
Soul cooking
Ready for the music
Ready for the music
(Whip up the cream now | Turn up the steam now)
Soul cooking
rock it, funk it, jazz it, bop it
‚til the fuse blows
‚til everybody gets up on the dance floor
(2nd time: ‚til your mind blo-o-o-ws!)

Triplets and backbeats, sugar it sweet,
gimme the beat, gimme ride-back
I wanna dig-a-dig-a-dig-a the hi-hat
I wanna smell the fumes of the cool cat
blowing his horn in the corner
Amp up the Rhodes, it’s getting warmer!
Mm, it smells good, sucking up the juices
We all use them to get down with the sound

It’s not background, no!
It’s a bubble of bliss
So gather around so you can taste the sound
of our diligently put togehter

Soul cooking
Ready for the music...

I’m diggin’ the blues, I’m diggin’ the jazz
I’m diggin’ the rock and the bebop
I’m diggin’ the folk, I’m diggin’ the ska
I’m diggin’ the mambo, it’s hot!
I’m into the bossa nova, the tango it rocks
the samba gets so hot
Get me hip hop, get me fire!
Get me rimshots ‚til I drop!

Soul cooking etc...

Rock it, funk it, jazz it, bop it!
Swing it, rap it, beat it, pop it!
‚til the fuse blows
‚til your mind blo-o-o-ws!