1. Autumn Love

From the recording Every Morning Is A New Song

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Autumn Love

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A multi-layered song about how love changes in a long-term relationship, arranged with three counter-point lines played by the cello, accordion and acoustic guitar.


Music/Lyrics: P. Fridhill/ J. Hoffmann

The pendule slows
Devotion grows
Sugar in my bowl
Will time reduce the flow?

Oh sorrow, lame and slow.
Of rivers lost,
and wells run dry
My garden soon will grow
for hungry hearts

The cries of joy
that keep us together
The angry love
The stormy wheather
I’ll be yours for ever

Sugar is sweet, blood is thick
juices drip.
Desire is quick as rain

The streets are filled with glow,
as we’re running down
the path of life
The last few steps are slow
Closer now,
the path soon ends

The hand in glove
our being together
The autumn love
Its sunny wheather
I am yours for ever