From the recording Every Morning Is A New Song

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Insomnia Madness

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You know how the full moon can keep you awake all night, despite the window curtains? That's 'Insomnia Madness'...


Music: Stefan Michalke
Lyrics: Pia Fridhill

Laying sleepless in the night
the silent moonlight
finding its way through my curtain
She is capturing my thoughts,
I’m caught up
under the power of the moon

It’s encouraging my thoughts,
my vicious circles
to tumble across my room
It’s impossible to frame them,
tame them
under the power of the moon

I’m weary with sadness,
insomnia madness
the face of the moon against my cheek
She is dousing me with careless kisses
making me believe...

...that my craving for a Love,
my futile wishes
suddenly all come true
She is cunningly deceiving,
leaving me waiting
for the morning to come