1. Hot In July

From the recording Every Morning Is A New Song

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Hot In July

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Our first rock song is about my dad's too early demise on a hot july morning. I wasn't done being his daugther and he wasn't done with his life.


Music: Jens Hoffmann, Pia Fridhill
Lyrics: Pia Fridhill

When the lights go out, it’s such a relief.
When the pain is gone, or so I believe
When the lights go out, and you go to sleep
Everything will be alright now, you’ll see

Waiting for you to depart,
it’s so hot in July
You sweat and we cry inside
I couldn’t tell you that,
I choked on my aching heart
It’s hot in July, I freeze when I cry

Singing ’In the upper room’
on the unforgiving waves
The injustice of it all,
dead clear on that day
I touched you for real
for the very first time
The little girl said it all:
Everything will be alright, you’ll see

There’s nothing like life, on the edge of death
the ungrateful, but vibrant sensation
that I’m still alive
There’s an insane amount of emotion
but nothing sufficiently
concentrated to cry about
at any particular second...

It’s so hot in July
I wake as the clock strikes five
Oh, I wasn’t done being your daughter
and you weren’t done with your life
It’s hot in July, I freeze when I cry